Monday, November 17, 2008

Rutgers, New Brunswick

This past Saturday I finally visited the Rutgers New Brunswick campus, Tim's Alma Mater. It's interesting that the campus is actually divided up into multiple different campuses based on department. Since Tim was an engineer he lived on and primarily took classes on the Busch campus. From what I saw, this campus was the most industrial looking, with concrete and brick buildings. Their new Biomedical Engineering building was gorgeous, but the rest left something to be desired. However, we also visited the downtown College Avenue campus that from what I understand is primarily for liberal arts departments. That campus was beautiful! There were many buildings with wonderful architecture, and many old large houses that are used by different academic departments.

It was fun to finally see what Rutgers looks like, and see how the different New Brunswick campuses relate to each other. I can't imagine having to take a bus to another campus to take classes outside of my department/college, it seems like it would be a scheduling nightmare. Also, you could never have a roommate who has a vastly different major than you do! For some people that might be nice, but my best friend in college who was also my roommate for all but senior year was definitely not a Computer Scientist! I may never have even met her if we had both attended a university that was segregated by college in that way. How sad.

I wish I had some pictures to share, but I didn't take a camera with me. It was also a very overcast day, so they wouldn't be very good anyway. Suffice it to say that the different campuses are very different in their building styles, and I still think Virginia Tech has a much more beautiful main campus...even if I am a little biased. They definitely are two rather different universities, at least as far as that can be possible!

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