Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Don't forget to Vote!

Well, I just voted for president in person for the first time! This is not the first presidential election I've voted in, but before it was with an absentee ballot. Now I had the pleasure of going to the voting booth! Although our voting booths aren't really booths, you could turn around and see someone else voting. At least my precinct didn't really have any lines though! I think I picked a good time to show up; that may be a benefit of being a grad student, in that I can make my own hours on days like this. :)

I also had the delight of getting to vote for John Kerry again, although this time for Senate. At least he'll probably win this time...ha!

If you haven't voted already, please go vote! Every vote counts, and it could be very close! I'm so pumped about Election Day, I hope I can concentrate enough to finish the work I have due tomorrow! Not to mention some of my foreign friends are going to be over hyper today about how important the election is and how they wish they could vote in it.

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