Thursday, March 06, 2008

The story of my life!

comic about former marching band members

I love XKCD, and this is another comic that demonstrates why: it's so true! I was a member of a marching band from 8th grade through my junior year of COLLEGE, and after marching to the beat that long it's really hard not to do it in daily life. Occasionally when I'm in stores I have to force myself not to walk to the music's tempo. Yes, that sounds sad, but is it really horrible to be aware of time signatures??? Personally, I think I get much more enjoyment out of music from being able to find the beat, tempo, and harmony.

Granted, the comic may be an exaggeration (well yea, it's a comic!) but it really can jolt you when something weird like that happens. There's got to be at least one former band nerd reading this that agrees, right??

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