Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lars and the Real Girl

Last night we saw Lars and the Real Girl. I hadn't heard about it until the day before, and the preview only made it look marginally interesting. However, this movie was absolutely hilarious. The whole theater was cracking up during much of it. Other parts were sad, touching, and otherwise dramatic. It was definitely worth seeing though. The story is fantastic, and isn't similar to any other movies that I remember. The acting is phenomenal, I really loved the reactions that all of the characters had to the girlfriend throughout the movie.

This movie is basically about a man who has been lonely and very introverted. He orders a full size love doll and then talks to it as if its alive, treating it as if it's his girlfriend. He really seems to believe she's alive, and it's very interesting to see the progression of his delusion as well as the townspeople's opinions.

If you like funny movies, romances, or especially a combination of the two, you absolutely have to see this movie. It's one of the best movie comedies I've seen for quite some time.


Nina said...

I haven't even heard of this movie. Do you think it will be coming to the middle of the country?

Megan said...

Well, it was just at our little independent local theater, and isn't even showing at our big cinema (cinemark). So I'm not sure. If you have any theaters that tend to show independent films or less advertised films, you will definitely find it there. Not sure how many big theaters are showing it. :(

Good luck!