Sunday, October 01, 2006

Women win Hack

All Female Team wins Yahoo! Hack Day Overall Prize

I congratulate the winners for a job well done, and I am rather amused by the project they did. However, it makes me sad that such a big deal is made about the fact that it was a group of women. Yes, it's awesome that a group of women won since there are so few of us in technology. But it shouldn't be surprising or unexpected that a woman could do better than a man! The probability of them winning is not based on the ratio of women teams to men teams...

I do think that advertising their win and the competition is a positive thing though, because hopefully girls who have the misconception that they are inherently not as good as the boys will note that maybe they are.

I guess my main question is why the title of the entry was not something more like "First place team hacks purse."

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