Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lights up my world!

I just barely missed the month mark, but as of 2 days ago it has been 1 month since I blogged about the new light on my desk at school!

Yes, I know you were hoping for something more exciting. But really, it's riveting! My headaches seem to be completely gone (nothing short of a miracle), and I feel happier whenever I'm sitting at my desk. This has been true ever since I received that lamp. The difference is remarkable. I think I'm starting to sound a lot like an advertisement...but I really do love it!

It's amazing how something little like that can make being at work so wonderful. I was there until after midnight multiple nights last week (due to a deadline), and I think having such bright white light actually tricked me into thinking it was earlier in the day each time. If I thought my advisor was more likely to trick us, I would think that she'd paid for the lights just to con us into working longer hours in the lab.

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