Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jet Airways - Flying in India

When I went to India in January, I chose Jet Air as my domestic flight provider despite a few negative comments. I am glad that I made that decision (even if it was based on price) as it was a great experience.

Overall, my flights (Mumbai -> Hyderabad, and Hyderabad -> Delhi) were on time. A friend of mine flew Hyderabad -> Delhi on Spice Jet, and his flight was about 4 hours late. I've heard that SpiceJet is relatively cheap because all of the businessmen fly it on a regular basis, but that flights to Delhi in the evening are usually late due to compounded delays over the course of the day.

One of my favorite parts about Jet Air was the fact that we had hot meals both times, even though one of the trips was only about an hour. Each meal had a hot entree, bread (usually naan), and some sides. They were very filling! On each flight there was also the choice of juice or bottled water, and the meal came with hot tea.

The service seemed so much better than on US domestic flights. The meal was hot, in real dishes, and was free for even a short flight. In the US, you'd be happy just to get a pack of peanuts! Not to mention the fact that in the US you frequently are stuck with none of your flights offering a meal as you fly across the country (as I've mentioned before). Indians definitely have better comfort when it comes to flying on small planes. Granted, the seats are a bit cramped, but are equivalent to many US flights.

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