Sunday, March 26, 2006

The usual "welcome" message

I've decided to start a blog, but not one directly about my personal life. I will incorporate my experiences and opinions, as the vast majority of bloggers do, but I would like to focus on ideas in my field of Computer Science. I enjoy politics, music, and many other topics as well, so if I find something of interest I'll post it here.

The part of the blog that will actually be personal in some sense will be about my experiences in grad school, as I'm currently a graduate student. Set backs and successes in my research (without giving away details of my research, of course) and other research I encounter will be saved here, mostly for my own use, although I'm sure someone else will find it interesting as well.

I have a personal "this is how my day went" blog elsewhere, which will not be linked to or hinted at besides this one paragraph. That blog will house the personal details of life, whereas this blog gives me a chance to discuss other interesting topics.

Hopefully I'll be modifying the template soon if I have time, and posting at least often enough to keep it interesting.

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